Nurses have become one of the Philippines’ top exports, earning a global reputation as caregivers. But credentials for thousands of would-be nurses are under a cloud, because of alleged cheating in recent certification exams.
After disclosures that test questions for Philippine nursing board examinations in June were leaked to hundreds of applicants, officials and industry experts are warning that the country’s status as one of the world’s top producers of nurses could be threatened.
The country’s Professional Regulation Commission has confirmed that questions in the board exams taken by more than 42,000 nursing graduates in June had been provided in advance to hundreds of examinees. The initial accusations were made by students, who contended that the president of the Philippine Nurses Association had provided the exams to students who took his coaching classes.
Examinees from the country’s top nursing schools yesterday called on the government to order a retake of the controversial June 2006 nursing licensure examination, reiterating that only a retake will “completely redeem” their batch and the entire nursing profession.


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