Just Another Woman in Shame

Sex, Lies & Videotapes of Pinay Celebrity continues. Spicier this time. Water Pls!.
Give way to the Queen,

I remember, Sunshine Cruz’ lip-smacking short film set an action-star hubby in wrath; Criselda Volks’ "i pay you by myself" casino scandal is addicting as well as tearjerking; Ethel Booba’s flaunting of her glory in the presence of a Giant BF (and they say, mongoloid) is comic and dumb. My favorite Angel Locsin and Jennilyn Mercado'sxxx at least was a hoax.
To oust and shy ‘em all, we all heard this Katrina Halili’s burlesk video courtesy of Vicky belo’s flirting boyfriend - the famous Dr. Hayden Kho who confessed he did it so with careful and malicious intent. But wait, what’s this Dr. Belo’s own rumored videotape with her psychotic ex-bf aiming even to dethrone that of Katrina and the rest? Ugh. I could imagine her rival’s wide grin then. :D
Feast thine eyes!
Thereafter we’ll proceed grilling the remaining and much-awaited 36 (or was it 38?) “hayden” collection of blue videotapes that are yet to be released for our viewing pleasure & entertainment. I wondered who the lucky girls are. For all I know, beautiful and sexy babes is Doc Hayden’s type. But I don’t know if Pokwang or Bb Gandanghari have made it on the list (corny joke). But one second, arent the two beauties just went under the knife too?
Oooops don’t mistaken me for being showbiz & scandal junkie ha. I plead guilty though. I once jumped the freaking bandwagon of uzis and peeping toms who salivate to see this notorious KH & HK you-tube scandal. Pirated CDs of which, I heard sells like a hotcake and caught the Pinoy Expat community abroad like an Australlian wildfire. Sikat rin dito yan sa Emirates!. Saved by U.A.E’S internet-law on blocking forbidden sites, and saved as well by a porn collector Kabayan who had taught me the art of unblocking those. Ang Pinoy pa, pagdating sa diskarte ...

No to “Hayden”?
But I guess my pair of virgin eye’s contented with all those pesky news- which is tantamount to saying - I dont need extra carnal knowledge on how [the now] repentant skin Doctor hoodwinked his circle of girlfriends he one-nite-stand with the Careless Whisper background, - and duped with his notorious “hayden” camera.
Holier than thou critics on the other hand, reviled the act and branded the doctor's preys as sluts, “makati pa sa higad” and bitches. Tsk. Tsk. Kawawa naman sila, Their greatest humiliation is only someone else’ entertainment lang. I believe it would take a decade to undo the moral damages the spicy video had caused them (and their family) even they shed tears, cried foul and lip the immortal word ...“I AM A VICTIM”. 
To the rescue, Senator Bong, in frown eyebrow, had spoken and proved that chivalry isn’t dead yet in the Philippines. He vilified the doctor-architect of the crime being “the highest kind of pervert whose good in making pig out of the women”. But some doubts if he really inspire the future perverts, errr… the younger generation with his heroic bravado and stellar examples - barely after his alleged own scandal leaks in the banketa of Divisoria and Quiapo – a day after his manly anger were unleashed - denying him of some "pogi points" from potential voters by May 2010.
But knowing majority of pinoys who always been a sucker for gossip and scandal...
The Numbers Are Growing,

I was whiling my time away In Ajman BayWalk when I met this Guy with a braided-long hair who sings and play drums for a dubai-based band. (Our english-translated chit-chat, below)

Guy: Pare, Have you seen Katrina-Haydens video?

Me: NO, not yet, why?

Guy: You know what? I have mine too in my mobile.

Me: Oh really!?, that must be HOT!, …may I see? (hehe)

Guy: Sure. Here. But Its only images...

Me: Whew! 'cant imagine your GF’s would pose for you like they are Playboy cover girl ha. You are naughty dude. But how about the video?

Guy: My drunk buddy who took the film kept it. I am yet to grab a copy.

Me: Whatt? aren’t u worried he'd one day gossip it to others or upload that (images) and those (film) in the internet?

Guy: I'm not, and I don’t care. Im not much exposed in there, anyway.

Me: Cool, … it’s your partner, yeah?.
- end of story -
He left me flabbergasted as to WHY there are are guys like him who regal other people (stranger in particular) with their sexcapades - and WHY the hell there are some ladies who consent them. Scandal like this, oh, - good source of Man's Fame,..and of Woman's Shame.


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