What Do You Do With Your Huge Papayas?

Question for the ladies is, what do you do if you possess two huge milk dispensers that can contain enough milk to rear a calf? And no one knows about it. You can't display it in the "Singapore got Talent" or "Singapore Idol" shows.

Well this girl has found an ingenious way to share her natural assets. Posting it in carpark of shopping malls somewhere when no one is looking, so that the whole world can view it later online. Much thanks to gutteruncensored.com for sharing this, even though we have yet to prove conclusively the actual location of the shots.

Here is some big titty Asian chick having a little exhibitionist fun in public and exposing her huge boobs. Just look at those massive milk tankers on this chick... I wonder if this parking garage have security cameras. LOL... According to the anonymous contributor, these daring shots are from a car park somewhere in Singapore. It would be cool if someone can identify the exact location to independently confirm or refute this is Singapore.


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