Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay Photo Scandal

It was a little bit controversial but according to Angel in her quote, “I don’t see anything wrong with thephoto. It’s our own private photo with friends! We are ha­ving clean fun!!! What’s wrong is whoever exposed the pic!”

Although that is the case, the photos have already been uploaded online and it became and instant destination for criticisms of different sorts as well as opinions leading here and there. In the photo is where you can see Angelica Panganiban clinging at the back of Derek Ramsay wherein the right hand of Angelica Panganiban is caught reaching for whatever is inside the shorts of Derek Ramsay. Make your comments or whatever, the photo above was taken from Pinoy Parazzi.


melanie said...

yah I saw that picture..
pero dapat yung picture tinago nalng nila.


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