Jinkee Pacquiao Scandal

Eager to hold onto her celebrity status, Jinkee Pacquiao continues to show off her goods in various magazines such as Good HousekeepingPreview Magazineand Yes Magazine.
In 2009, she landed  her major endorsement deal, Belomed Smart Lipo and Belo Diet Injections, and she is convinced that it’s the perfect time to appear next on a men’s magazine. She relates, “Sakto lang siguro yung opportunity kasi diba model ako ng Belomed and of course maganda ang results nung Smart Lipo sa akin, maganda naman ako, so okay lang na mag-pose ako sa isang men’s magazine, diba?”
Jinkee is eyeing Maxim Magazine to do a feature on her, but the popular men’s magazine declined to comment. In fact, the ambush interview resulted in a lot ofahihihisahohohos, and deliberate avoidance of eye contact. It’s a good thing I have inside information and my spy was very willing to validate the rumor. And I quote, “I will let you see the photos, PipitBlog, but don’t mention my name ha…ahihihihi.” I said, “Okay, Sonia, I won’t mention your name.”


Jinkee didn’t want to appear too promiscuous (“daring, but not so much,” she said). Confused as to what she meant, the Maxim execs  just decided to show her some concepts so that she can choose which is closest to what she envisions for her first sexy cover.
Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Jackie Rice
Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Nina Jose
Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Rufa Mae Quinto
Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Krista Ranillo
Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Geneva Cruz
Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Andrea del Rosario
Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Paloma
Jinkee Pacquiao posing à la Angelica Panganiban
Jinkee curled her lips into a smile. Manny Pacquiao, always the alert man, asked why his wife is so pleased to pose like the girlfriend of Derek Ramsey, the actor who was recently linked to her. So the Maxim people, not wanting to disappoint the Boxing Hero of the Philippines, hurriedly changed the concept into this:
Jinkee left Maxim Magazine’s office with a black eye and an unsigned contract (that she drew up herself, or so I was told). So, there you have it, folks! Apparently, Jinkee did us all a HUGE favor and opted to not pursue her delusions of being allowed to grace the cover of a men’s magazine. We can keep our sanity after all — yey!!! Good luck with the nightmares, perverts!


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