I am researching about the latest chika of Pinoy showbiz and I happened to see write-up of KC Concepcion scandal. It caught my curiosity. I have been hearing humor-mongering of scandals from Hollywood to Philippine movie industry. From Hayden Kho- Katrina Halili ( forgotten song already), Hayden Kho-Maricar Reyes, Hayden Kho- Ruffa Quinto. What is really the fuss about these anyway? To gain publicity? I only happened to see of Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili sex video. It should have been a private lives of Hayden and Katrina but it was leak by a trusted friend. What happened now to the investigation of the sex video? Did politicians gain profit? Did Lolit Solit with her sharped tongue mouth enjoyed the publicity as if she has not committed any sin?

Involving the name of KC Concepcion in a sex scandal is a big brazen lie. A big baloney. An hogwash. Whoever posted the lewd pics should prove that it is really KC. KC with all her moral conduct would not involve herself in a sex scandal. As I can see, there is kinda of similarity that I can tell that is not KC. The safe of the face is rounded and little bit chubby while KC face is oblong. Again, Manay Lolit blew her horn on Hayden Kho-KC Concepcion? Nagmamalinis pero maitim naman ang budhi. The statement should be substantiated with prima facie evidence. If there is no evidence, it is a lie.


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