SEX VIDEO SCANDALS – Why is it a Philippine Favorite?

SEX 300x300 SEX VIDEO SCANDALS   Why is it a Philippine Favorite?Sex video scandals posted online are among the top search keywords by netizens specially by Filipinos. There are so many  sex video scandals coming from the Philippines. Among the most popular are Dipolog sex scandal, NC college scandal, Philippine Nursing Dean scandal, Cebu scandal, CLSU scandal, EAC scandal, Bohol scandal, Las Pinas scandal, DLSU LaSalle scandal, Baguio scandal, Fatima University scandal, Boracay scandal, AMA scandal, Cagayan scandal, Poblacion scandal, Manila scandal, Quezon city scandals, Hayden Kho Sex Videos, Ilo-ilo scandals and probably thousands more! When the article on Iloilo sex video scandal was posted two days ago, hundreds visited this website in a few hours and after a few days, thousands.
Although there was no sex scandal on the earlier article, the “interest” of searchers on sex videos was proven by a sidebar widget found at the main page of this website. Live feed shows the article visited by the searcher, his country and key word search. Some search even has key words like Iloilo scandal Bombo Radyo (pertaining to an earlier news of the radio station about the Iloilo scandal).
As a Christian nation having the most number of sex scandal videos, it seems being Christian does not necessarily mean being moral. Example; It is funny to see that the famous Quiapo Church is surrounded people selling herbal tonics used for abortion, thousands of sex videos in vcd and dvd discs, sex gadgets and yes even sex especially at night. This is one of the most ironic for watwatworld.
In relation to the proposed introduction of sex education by the Department of Education to the elementary and high school students, the authorities should always put in mind that the students might know more than them when it comes to sex because as emphasized by watwatworld, everything is “searchable”. They should concentrate one topic and that is the ill effects of having unprotected sex. Welcome to reality DepED.
Lastly, who should be blamed for the proliferation of sex scandal videos  online? The victim? The accused? The church? The family? The school? The Media? WHO?


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