Oh my goodness, I saw this
Angelica Panganiban-Derek Ramsay Scandal Photo/Picture Dukot, when I'm reading a blog and I was shocked. I don't have any idea about this before but I heard some rumor that there is also Derek Ramsay-Angelica Panganiban Scandal Video leaked online. The Derek Ramsay-Angelica Panganiban Scandal is not yet a big buzz issue in the internet but maybe some other day will do.

Look at the 
Derek Ramsay-Angelica Panganiban Scandal photo/picture dukot
, it seems like Angelica Panganiban pond of Derek Ramsay's balls LOL hehehe. Look at that hand, so naughty girl right? What if the Derek Ramsay-Angelica Panganiban Scandal video is true? Maybe that's the real story we want to know and watch the video very excitingly.
If ever I got the copy of video, I will it here.


melanie said...

oh my… what’s wrong with this pic? hayaan nyo nga cla!!!!!!!!! hindi lang cla sa mundo ang gumagawa nyan lahat tayo hellllllllooooooo……….. wala clang inaapakan kaya wala kaung pakialam!

para yan lang naku ha di yan scandal…


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